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Soft Bond vs Hard Bond Wig Adhesive

Hair system adhesive glue for lace wigs, thin skin, monofilament wigs and toupees come in two categories: hard bond and soft bond.

Soft Bond Adhesives

Soft bond adhesives encompass most liquid adhesives on the market. The adhesives generally last between two to four weeks. Because it is pliable, or flexible it is very comfortable to wear. A soft bond is an adhesive that does not contain the ingredient cyanoacrylate. Soft-bond adhesives are made using latex, acrylic, copolymer, or silicone. Soft bond glues are most popular and comfortable among lace wig, thin skin and toupee wearers. Examples of soft bond liquid adhesives are Ultra Hold and Safe Grip. The glue can be removed with products such as C-22 Citrus solvent and Lace Release.

Hard Bond Adhesives

Hard bond adhesives contain the ingrediate cyanoacrylate, which is the technical term for super glue. It is the active ingredient in Superglue™ and Krazy Glue™. Hard bond adhesives last longer than soft bond adhesives because it is not water based and does not break down. Hard bond adhesives are not as comfortable because it is not pliable or flexible. Like super glue, it is a permanent adhesive and remains unless you remove it. Hard bond adhesives must be removed with a hard bond adhesive remover. This glue is perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

We do not recommend liquid hard bond adhesives for lace wig wearers because the lace is very delicate and while removing the glue it is easy to damage the lace if not handled properly.

Hard bond adhesive dry very fast and leaves no or a very little room for adjustments. In short, hard bond adhesives should be applied and removed by professionals. Examples of liquid hard bond glues are Top Priority, Sensi-bond and Endura Bond.