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Find quick answers to your questions below...
The following are common questions we often receive from customers. Our answers and suggestions are to serve only as a general guideline to help you select the best wig for your preference and requirements. Ultimately each customer makes the final decision based on their need.
Hair Maintenance
How do I wash my lace wig?
Hair Products
What type hair products should I use?
Which shampoos and conditioners should I use?
Measurement Instructions
How do I measure my head for my wig?
Measuring Hair
Do you have a hair length chart?
I want curly hair. How do I select the appropriate length?
What is a cranial prosthesis?
What are bleached knots?
Thin Skin & Lace Wigs
What are differences between thin skin and lace?
Wig Caps
Glueless Cap Information
I do not want to use glue or tape. What type of wig cap should I select?
I want to remove my wig each day. What type wig cap do you suggest?
What is a cranial prosthesis?
What is a Lace Front Wig vs a Full Lace Wig?
Will I need to use adhesive with thin skin wigs?
Adhesives and Removers
Soft Bond vs Hard Bond Wig Adhesive
Hair Textures
What are the different type of hair textures?
What is Yaki hair and what are the different textures?
Hair Types
Hair Type Differences - Indian, Malaysian, Chinese Remy
Remy vs Virgin Remy Hair
The Misconceptions of Remy Hair
Selecting Hair Colors
Can I color the hair on my lace wig?
How to Select Curls & Colors for Your Wig
Should you select one or multiple blonde colors for a custom blond wig?
What hair type is best for blond hair colors?
What is the difference between highlights and mixed blends?
Additional Support
How do I contact you?