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Wig Density chart, Hair Density Chart

Hair density refers to how much hair is used on the wig cap to create fullness. Hair density is also called hair thickness. The perception of density determined is by the type of hair used and how it is styled. For example, curly hair and hair spray creates more volume and fullness. Curly, wavy and kinky textured hair expands when combed out and appear thicker. Very straight hair textures have less volume and fullness. Therefore, two wigs with the exact hair density will have different volume appearance based on the hair style and texture.

For the most natural look, select a density that is close to your own. Wigs with density less than 80% may thin sooner and need to be repaired more quickly. Creating a wig by hand is an art. No two wigs are exactly alike, just as no two snowflakes are alike. The hair is weighed to determine the correct amount of density. It is normal for two similar wigs with the same density weight to appear slightly differently in volume although it is really not.

Light Density: 80% - This density us for people who do not want much volume or thickness. The scalp can easily be seen. Persons who prefer very light and thin hair typically this density.

Light / Medium Density: 90-100% - The is the density of an light/medium average head of hair. The wig is constructed with a lighter density at the hair line and a medium density throughout the rest of the unit.

Medium Density: 120% - The density of an average head of hair with slightly fuller hair. Many stock wigs are available with this density

Medium / Heavy Density: 130-140% - This density is intended for persons who desires full and voluminous hair. Consider the amount of volume you desire when selecting curly hair in this density. Curly hair has a tendency to swell.

Heavy Density: 150% - This density is heavy and for persons who like a very full style.

Extra Heavy Density: 180% - This density is extremely heavy and tyically used for theatrical wigs.